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3600 recipes

500+ Crock Pot Recipes, 500+ Diet/Diabetic Recipes, 500+ Outdoor Recipes, 200+ Wild Game Recipes, 200+ Sea Food Recipes, 400+ Craft (non Edible) Recipes, 300+ Vegetable Recipes, 500+ Cake Recipes, 300+ Poultry Recipes, 200+ Jam, Jellies,& Perserves Recipes

Cat Head Biscuits And Garlic Fried Chicken

Cat Head Biscuits And Garlic Fried Chicken - This really does come highly recommended, Our highly acclaimed, best selling signature cookbook contains 125 pages, 180 hand picked, family tried and tested, real southern recipes. 

600 Recipes For Chilli Lovers

600 Recipes For Chilli Lovers 
Are you a chilli lover? If you are, then you are going to love 600 Recipes For Chilli Lovers! Inside you'll find every imaginable version of chilli. There's chillies with beans and without, with meat and without, vegetarian chillies, and low-fat variations on the classic dish that so many Americans love. If you compete in chilli competitions then you probably don't need a chilli cookbook, if you don't then you need at least one good cookbook. 600 Recipes For Lovers is a good one to have. With over 600 recipes, there is a wide variety of selections to be found in 600 Recipes For Lovers. Everything from classic recipes, to the latest restaurant and cook-off winners. You will find recipes for chillis that use wild game such as venison, concoctions that use seafood, beanless varieties (as any Texan will tell you is the only way to make and those with beans. Quick chillis and slow cooking thick chillis (my favorites) will also be found. This is the perfect book for the everyone from the cautious beginner who wants to be sure of their success by following a good recipe to the more adventurous cook who will be inspired by all the recipes in 600 Recipes For Lovers and will create their own unique variety of a classic "Bowl Of Red". Order now and get instant delivery

Over 100 bread recipes!

Over 100 bread recipes! They can be made in any brand of automated bread machine - they can also be baked in an oven. RECIPES INCLUDE: 7 Grain Bread, Absolutely Apricot Bread, Amish Bread, Apple Cinnamon Bread, Bailey's Irish Cream Bread, Banana Bread, Berry Bread, Brownie Bread, Cottage Dill Bread, Country Rye Bread, Crusty Bran Bread, Dill Onion Bread, Fall Harvest Bread, Fresh Herb Bread, Garlic Bread, Granola Bread, Honey Mustard Bread, Lemon Poppy Seed Bread, Maple Oatmeal Bread, Oatmeal, Raisin and Honey Bread, Old World Rye Bread, Panettone Bread, Parmesan Pepper Bread, Pesto Bread, Pizza Dough, Potato Bread, Prosciutto Black Pepper Bread, Scotland Oat Bread, Semolina Bread, Summer Fruit Bread, Sundried Tomato Bread, And many more!!! 

111 Egg Recipes

RECIPES INCLUDED : To Preserve Eggs : Egging and Crumbling Shirred Eggs : Mexicana : On a Plate : de Lesseps : Meyerbeer a la Reine : au Miroir : a la Paysanne : a la Trinidad : Rossini Baked in Tomato Sauce : a la Martin : a la Valenciennes : Fillets : a la Suisse with Nut-Brown Butter : Timbales : Coquelicot : Suzette : en Cocotte Steamed in the Shell : Bird's Nests : Eggs en Panade : Egg Pudding : a la Bonne Femme To Poach Eggs : Eggs Mirabeau : Norwegian : Prescourt : Courtland Louisiana : Richmond : Hungarian : Nova Scotia : Lakme Malikoff : Virginia : Japanese : a la Windsor : Buckingham Poached on Fried Tomatoes : a la Finnois : a la Gretina : a L'Imperative : with Chestnuts a la Regence : a La Livingstone : Mornay : Zanzibar : Monte Bello : a la Bourbon Bernaise : a la Rorer : Benedict : To Hard-Boil : Creole Curried : Beauregard : Lafayatte : Jefferson : Washington : au Gratin Deviled : a la Tripe : a l'Aurore : a la Dauphin : a la Bennett Bouilli : Scalloped : Farci : Balls : Deviled Salad Japanese Hard : en Marinade : a la Polonnaise : a la Hyde : a la Vinaigrette a la Russe : Lyonnaise : Croquettes : Chops : Plain Scrambled Scrambled with Chipped Beef : Scrambled with Lettuce : Schrambled with Shrimps : with Fresh Tomatoes with Rice and Tomato : with Asparagus Tips : Egg Flip Omelets with Asparagus Tips : with Green Peas : Havana : with Tomato Sauce : with Oysters with Sweetbreads : with Tomatoes : with Ham : with Cheese : with Fine Herbs Spanish : Jardiniere : with Fresh Mushrooms : O'Brien : with Potatoes Sweet Omelets Omelet a la Washington : with Rum : Swiss Souffle : a la Duchesse : Souffle Egg Recipe Links 

Bread and biscuit assistant

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The Bread And Biscuit Baker's And Sugar-Boiler's Assistant This 84 page eBook provides over 260 time-tested recipes, that you can bake for dinner parties, fund-raising events, family reunions, Holidays or simply to have fun in your kitchen with your children or relatives. You'll also find remarks on the art of bread making as well as chemistry as applied to bread making, to ensure that you make the most delicious, light-as-air and flaky breads, cakes and pastries as possible. 
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